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nov8998nov8998 Member Posts: 5
hi, can somebody help me in array problem.Below is part of my coding:
<?PHP<br /> for ($intBilU=1 ;$intBilU<=3;$intBilU++) <br /> { echo "" . " NAME="txtUName" SIZE="50">" . "" . " NAME="txtUProg" SIZE="50">" . "" . " NAME="txtGradYr" SIZE="5" MAXLENGTH="4">";}?>
University # $intBilU
Graduation Year

after user click button Submit, i want each value will put in array.
the coding i've done not work :
for ($intBilU=1 ;$intBilU<=3;$intBilU++)<br /> {
the eg. output should be as below:
$dbUName[1]="A University"
$dbUName[2]="B University"
hope can help me plzzzzzzzzzz...


  • Johnny13Johnny13 Member Posts: 128
    I dont see a Submit button in your code,it seems your Form is incomplete..Read for an example.
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