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Forcing iptables through a SOCKS5 proxy

horobicahorobica Member Posts: 22
Hi ppl!

I have a linux box, providing internet access to a Windows LAN via NAT. The problem is that the internet connection of the linux box has a wide band on the metropolitan area, and almost none in rest. However, i have access to a solaris box that's also in the metro area but has a great internet connection. By "access", I mean I can run a SOCKS5 (or HTTP proxy, but this is harder) daemon on a port of my choice.

So, I figured that if I pass all the TCP traffic from my linux box through the SOCKS5 daemon, the entire LAN will have a wide band connection to the internet.

The problem is that I don't know how to make iptables use the SOCKS5 daemon. Does anybody know how this can be done?

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