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USB device driver development

I am working on a functional device driver for an ISDN HDLC FIFO CONTROLLER.
After having written the source code for it..........I have been able to create a .sys file of it with the help of ddkbuild.bat
Now when I install that driver in the normal mode on my system (which has Windows 2000 professional OS)
..............the driver gets located and as soon as I click to install the driver the system reboots.
When I tried to do the same thing in SAFE mode then the system does not reboot.......(but the status of the device is that driver is not configured properly)..........after this when I reboot the system in normal mode it gives an error
"STOP:0x00000035"........followed by 4 hexadecimal nos.and then it's written that "NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS". I have come to know about some solutions of this problem. I have made one entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsystemcurrentcontrolsetserviceslanmanserver of REG_DWORD type with assigning its value as 10 . But it has not been of any use. Secondly , i also want to mention that we have used IoAttachToDeviceStack API to properly set stackSize variable of DEVICEOBJECT structure. Both of the above solutions went into vain.
Sir I shall be very grateful if u could help me in this regard
I am eagerly waiting for ur reply

Thanking You
Tarun Bakshi
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