9/11 Website Programmer Volunteer Needed...

Hello All:

I know that everyone's time is valuable but I am involved in a worthy cause and I thought a talented programmer on this messageboard might be willing to lend a hand. Let me cut to the chase:

I am an actor in New York City. On the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, another actor and I went down to Ground Zero and began reading "Portraits of Grief" out loud. If you are not familiar with the book, it is a collection of mini-biographies of each of the people killed in the attack on that day. Each bio takes about a minute to read and as you may know there are nearly three-thousand. My friend and I thought it would take about three days to read the whole book; it took five. The response from visitors to the site was very powerful, with kin of the deceased making requests. We wanted to do more than just read the victims' names aloud; we really wanted to tell their stories. We did it again last year, asking other actors in New York to lend their voices to the cause. Some people who saw us the first year came back and told us how much it meant to them that someone cared enough to share the story of their daughter, father, etc. who meant so much to them.

The difficulty in 2003 was that so many actors wanted to participate that it became an 18-hour-a-day logistics job for nearly two weeks. In order to avoid that this year I have conceived an elegant website concept. The Naked Angels theater company has volunteered server space to host the site, but I need someone with CGI-Script skills (so I am told) to help design the site. I have worked as a technical document writer professionally so I would be happy to generate a Requirements document and work with anyone who would be willing to donate their time. I wish I could pay for this but everyone's time is donated, and we think the non-commercial aspect of it is very powerful. We do not even put up a banner, just the jacket of the book taped onto the fence behind us.

I know this is asking a lot, particularly since I have never visited this forum before and do not know any of you, but if you or someone you know would like to help, I promise something rare: name credit on the website, and a hearty thanks from the acting community to help us continue this wonderful non-partisan tradition.


Jeff Pucillo
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