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Need Help inMultiple action

KsamysksundarKsamysksundar Member Posts: 22
I trying to create a login from using php.
What i am doing is
If the username and passwords are invalid i am reloading the page with error message. If username and password are correct I have to send them to a new page.

The code model like
<?<br /> if($submitted==false)//Submitted is hidden field
echo "";//Self posting
//Display Header images and menus....
In the middle of the page if(strlen($Errmsg)>0) echo $Errmsg;//hidden field

Check User name and password;
if it is wrong {
$Errmsg="Invalid password";
include("samefile"); //It is working properly problem is
in below part
//i want to call or load another file with that name
like include("samefile.php?uname=".$txtusername);
But it is showing error
" Unable to open samefile.php?uname=heaven";
I am doing with that using java script

anyhow i am calling but when i am clicking back button of browser it is again checking username password again reloading the file with username.

So before entering i deleted $txtusername='' like , but it is still there it is giving headache for me.

Please any one help me in brief manner. I am newbie for php

The main question is i want to load one php file with argument like
Not in Not in Where ever i want

thanks for U


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