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Backward interoperability

sagitario34sagitario34 Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone. Lets see if YOU can help me figure this one out. I am developing a dll file using C# in the .Net programming enviroment. This dll will be called by an application that was originally written in VB 6.0. When I first encountered problems, I did some research. The information I found instructed me to implement the following fixes:
1) I wrapped my code in a public interface
2) changed the settings under configuration properties in Project/project properties to register as COM interop

Now here is a really funny part. when I compile the dll, I can run it on my PC by calling it from a VB 6.0 ap(the compile process registered the COM object in my windows registry); however, other team mates are not able to make it work. (I'm not sure what is missing here) the error message reads something like this: ActiveX unable to create object

I really need to make this work and its too big a file to scratch it and start again.
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