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Broken Attitude Studios (www.brokenattitude.com) is a new venture offering ground floor opportunities for a few gaming and tool programmers. The company is a joint endeavor among a small group of programmers, artists and audio professionals to build a unique company with many different gaming concepts.

Broken Attitude Studios is seeking out programmers to help complete their own proprietary game engine. The engine is mostly complete and when compiled, runs on most PC systems. Some tweaking and bug fixes may be necessary.

Currently we are looking for 3 engine/game programmers and 2 tool programmers:

Programmer 1:
Must be skilled in graphics programming
Knowledge of both Direct X and OpenGL mandatory
Must be familiar with normal mapping, methods of importing models from 3d max and Maya as well as levels done in .bsp format.
Pixel shader knowledge preferred

Programmer 2:
Must be skilled in AI programming.
Knowledge of C++ mandatory
Additional knowledge of LUA preferred

Programmer 3:
Must be skilled in audio programming
Knowledge of Open AL mandatory
Additional knowledge of LUA scripting preferred

Tool Programmers:
Must be skilled in designing tools to work with the engine and game code
Tools needed include: Particle editor, Map editor
Particle editor should be able to use .tif format images to apply to particle systems such as water, blood, dust, fog, etc
Map editor should be able to import .map and .bsp files and allow for architectural/level design. Team currently using free level design programs designed by other companies.

This is purely a time investment position as our company is comprised of individuals dedicated to building Broken Attitude Studios and the games to be picked up by such companies as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. If you are interested in getting in at the start up of a new company on the rise in the gaming industry please send your resume in MS Word or Adobe PDF format to [email protected], please be sure to include the REF position to ensure it is accepted to the proper channels.

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