What is the ODBC doing

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What is the ODBC doing


  • : hi
    : i have a qoustion abou ODBC I'm wrking with dbaseIV and i'm new using ODBC i saw it creat datasource for my datbases inclose all my table easy for using in my project when i define the name of database created by ODBC in my c++ builder project is that means ODBC helping programmer to define the position of databes so we can define it in the client and server i mean it is nesecery for netwrking programing ?
    : many thanx for your all help

    Ok, first of all, work on your English. It's hard enough to know what you mean in the first place, but since you've got one long run-on sentence there I can only guess at what your question is. ODBC is just a way to allow different programs to access different databases in a standard way. When you set up an ODBC you are basically creating a sort of generic interface to a database (it doesn't matter where that database is located) so programs on your machine can manipulate it without having to worry about the connection details.


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