Programmers Required - Commercial Game Project


Me and a group (mainly uni graduates, myself included) are setting up a games design studio. We are creating an RPG which we indent to produce to a commercial level and have published by a main stream publisher.

We are currently trying to put together a team to develop the game. We are currently in need of programmers who are competant with C++ and DirectX. No industry experience is required but would be beneficial.

As we are a startup the work will be "voluntary until release", a quote it as if we get a funded publishing contract then payment would begin from that point. Otherwise it will be payment as of release based upon profits.

There is a risk that a publisher will not take the title on, however we are confident that this will not be a problem.

So if your interested in being a part of a games studio startup working on a unique RPG at a commercial level then reply to this thread or drop me an email.

Please don't hesitate to ask for more information or to apply for a position.
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