Picturebox transparency problem!

Hi All

I have a Picturebox transparency problem.
What I am trying to do is place picturebox1 over picturebox2 which is larger and set the picturebox1 backcolor transparent in order to view what is on picturebox2 immediately below.

I have set picturebox1.backcolor = transparent and picturebox1.Parent = Picturebox2. This works to a degree but the problem is picturebox1 shows the whole of picturebox2 (or at least what it can in the smaller area) where as what I really want is just the area of picturebox2 immediately below picturebox1, if this makes sense!

Any ideas on this will be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi i have a similar problem to yours.

    I created a form and set the transparentkey to its backgroud color. Now whenever i click the form the events are going to the application lying behind this form.

    This is want i dont want. i want this form to get notified instead of the underlying application. I used the opaque property also but the problem here is i am drawing on this form. and these drawings are also of the transparency which i dont want.

    can u guys help me in this regard.

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