Getting new COM object to communicate with existing exe

I work with a program that provides a COM object that is triggered when a certain event goes off within that program. The COM object provides a function that is called when the event is triggered. The function looks like this:

function TSampleCOMObject.Execute(const CPRSBroker: ICPRSBroker;
const CPRSState: ICPRSState; const Param1, Param2, Param3: WideString;
var Data1, Data2: WideString): WordBool;

This all works fine, however what I need is to get one of my pre-existing programs to interact with this object. I basically need my program to have access to both the CPRSBroker and CPRSState objects and I need my program to put a value into Data1. Just to clarify the program that I need to interact with this TSampleCOMObject is not the program calling it but another program that would open when the above function is called. Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated.

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