Can we store a datatable or dataset in client

I want to store some data,usually datas from table in the client side so that my site will be much more faster.Now my site is very slow since in each call I have to go to server to fetch the data.
If I can maintain the data in the client it will be much faster.So I want to maintain the data in the client. Is .net provide any thing to support this.If so please replay to me. Or is there any other way to do this. Is there some way to store the datas from the server database in the file in client.

I heared from some one that we site can store the data in files in client.If anybody know it how,Plz explain me.


  • you can do that actually, you have various alternatives,
    you could use cache, viewstate, cookies, etc.
    But then again, you should know the disadvantages of storing the data in client i hope.
    Also, be carefull of stale data, and make sure that the data stored in the client which u are about to use is fresh and reflects the database exactly.
    Do post any other problems you might have here.

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