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Epiphany 6 Studios is in need of a solid mobile developer to assist in "beefing" up our current development team. We're looking for someone with a solid background in J2ME, .NET compact framework, DoJa, or really any of the major mobile platforms. BREW or ability to learn BREW is a plus. (By mobile platforms I am largely referring to cell phones.)

Why should someone take an interest? Good question. We're an independent development team with most of our experience in larger PC titles, however, we are in the process of partnering with a publishing entity to develop for the meantime for cell phones and other mobile devices. This will allow us to better fund other, less-mobile titles in the future. Negotiations are outstanding currently for licenses for the PSP, DS, all that good stuff.

The catch:

There's always a catch, no such thing as a free lunch. We need someone who is interested in a long-term as opposed to a quick dollar. This will be a salary position, and depending on where you are in the world you may either work from our location or from your current location. The deciding factors will be skill and price.

However, the first title should be quite small, manageable, and rather easy to work on. Our publisher has specifically requested this development to fit a market they are already working in, and the sale, (not necessarily the success,) of this first title should be guaranteed as long as it doesn't suck. (Well, duh... obviously.) Once we have a solid library of conventional cell games and our J2ME programmers have had time to adjust to the team we will be branching out to Location Based Games. One such game you will be working with is already being developed but you will be responsible for adding new handsets to this game and adjusting the software as needed.

Point being, we have our team, we want another person or two with stronger mobile experience on the team.

We're a good group of guys, with some good experience and some know-how, we have a publisher, we did the hard part. Now we just need a few good men.

I should note that on an individual basis, I can probably arrange for a small, but heartfelt advance in a deferred payment to the right people.

Anyway, I digress, interested parties please send a little about yourself and your CV/Resume to [email protected] Hatemail can be addressed to [email protected] Thanks!

-Jay A. Wollin
general manager
Epiphany 6 Studios
1519 Eggert Rd.
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 444-8720
[email protected]

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