Need Help Creating .htaccess file

hello, can anyone help me, I need to create a .htaccess file to enable sessions for a website I am making. My webhost provider apache server by default has sessions disabled for php, I was told by their tech support I needed to create a simple ascii file, and name it .htaccess enabling sessions and all php settings.

The problem is I am uber confused how to format the ascii page, or what to type in the htaccess file to enable sessions. I tried useing them based on the info I found on,

session.save_path "/tmp" PHP_INI_ALL "PHPSESSID" PHP_INI_ALL
session.save_handler "files" PHP_INI_ALL
session.auto_start "0" PHP_INI_ALL
session.gc_probability "1" PHP_INI_ALL
session.gc_divisor "100" PHP_INI_ALL
session.gc_maxlifetime "1440" PHP_INI_ALL
session.serialize_handler "php" PHP_INI_ALL
session.cookie_lifetime "0" PHP_INI_ALL
session.cookie_path "/" PHP_INI_ALL
session.cookie_domain "" PHP_INI_ALL
session.cookie_secure "" PHP_INI_ALL
session.use_cookies "1" PHP_INI_ALL
session.use_only_cookies "0" PHP_INI_ALL
session.referer_check "" PHP_INI_ALL
session.entropy_file "" PHP_INI_ALL
session.entropy_length "0" PHP_INI_ALL
session.cache_limiter "nocache" PHP_INI_ALL
session.cache_expire "180" PHP_INI_ALL
session.use_trans_sid "0" PHP_INI_ALL
session.bug_compat_42 "1" PHP_INI_ALL
session.bug_compat_warn "1" PHP_INI_ALL
session.hash_function "0" PHP_INI_ALL
session.hash_bits_per_character "4" PHP_INI_ALL
url_rewriter.tags "a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry" PHP_INI_ALL

yet, do I need to enter all of this info, do I use quotations, this tech support is not exactly what I was hoping for. I appreciate anyones help and I am sorry if I posted a bit too much of hte php structure settings. Can anyone please help me create the .htaccess file, it is probably quite easy, but I myself am lost.

the Darthmoob
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