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header under Linux???

Hello everybody, merry Christmass (what's left of it :-)) and a happy new year to all.

I am experiencing a problem with a compatibility issue(or so i call). In the library of the Solaris SUN, there is the implementation of a structure with 4 data members (48 bytes total) and it's typedef'd to "sema_t". I have to use it to declare a semaphore (i.e. sema_t mysemaphore) and then this semaphore will be initialized in a shared segment (created with shmget()), for use in the readers/writters problem. The problem is that i have Mandrake Linux 10.1 at home... I didn't think it would be a problem, but it is! The synch.h header doesn't seem to be in any of the libraries in my linux version. Several searches in google haven't helped a bit :-(. Any suggestions? Is there any such header for linux???
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