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Anyone for Assembly Langauge Programming ?

Hiya guys,

I was wondering if anyone here is curious on writing assembly programming.I have a problem that i need to work on as part of a project.It is basically for an H8/300H series Hitachi Micro-controller.

I think the problem is fairly simple..its just that i am pressed for time.

The Problem : I need to carry out BCD division with the following
formula :

er3 = [ (er1/60,000) * ( er0 / r2L or r2H)]

where :

er3 is the output

er1 is the input count (Maximum Count) (Range 0 - 61,000)

er0 is an input with any of the following values 800/1600/4000/8000

r2L is the 1st range increment with values like 1,2,4,5,10

r2H is the 2nd range increment with value like 1,2,4,5,10

r2L is chosen if er1 Less than (<)30,000
r2H is chosen if er1 Greater than or equal to (>=) 30,000

Final Output (er3) = er2 + er1 (remainder from division)

Any takers ? Let me know...good luck trying !!!

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