infrared using mscomm component..HELP!!!

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i'm trying to send and receive data between a device and the computer using MSCOMM in vb. I'm using a USB infrared adaptor. I'm trying to transmit data to the device(handyboard if u know it).

Please help me, the deadline for the project is 17/1.

i found some code in vb, i tried it out.
For example, when i tested the code using my mobile, i keep sending stuff, but no response from the mobile phone. When i send anything with an "AT" in it, input arrives but when i say "strdata = mscomm1.input", it gives me an error "Error reading COMM device".
i'm using windows XP, btw.

i don't have to use MS VBCOMM btw, just give me anything that would do the job.

Thank you.

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