USB->PIC->Serial preassemled device?

[grey]I once found a website where one could buy preassembled cirquits with usb connectors, pic or other logic controller, and different output interfaces. They had one that I am particularly interested in; it's a cirquit with 1k of ram and two balanced serial outputs. I was kind of wondering if anyone had seen a website selling such devices, because I have managed to loose the address.

The thing I need is an usb->programmable logic->dual balanced serial output. The programmable logic should be relatively fast as the output must be 250kHz and the cirquit must preprocess the output before sending. The cirquit would also need at least 1k of ram (2k should be enough), and probably no more than 1k of eeprom. If anyone knows where such could be bought, I would be very pleased if they told me.

DjSpirit, I could buy a WholeHog 3 but the price is exponenially wrong.[/grey]
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