Mailmerge problem in Office 2003

We manage an application (add-in) which performs a mailmerge. This macro is started by choosing tools -> macro -> macros and then picking the macro. Since installing Office 2003, there is a problem with this application. When it opens the excel sheet (located in c: emp) to gather address information, a new screen opens with some excel information (sheet 1, a date, check box if first row contains headers). Whatever you fill in here and whether you click cancel or OK, the actual mailmerge is not performed. Debugging is no option, because when you open the dot-file itself (located on a server), it works fine. Does this problem have anything to do with changed security settings in Office 2003? Lowering the security settings for both word and excel from high to medium, did not resolve the problem. Thanks very much in advance for any help you can provide.
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