im desperate for help


i made a pasword form now i have to integrate into the project and im stuck

what he needs is when the application is loaded a screen appears where a password must be entered and if after three tries the application should close automatically the password needs to be included in the code in the form of a global constant in the code module and once a valid password is entered the password screen should be unloaded and the main screen displayed.

i stuck cause im not sure how to code this

your help is greatly appreciated


  • hey, im' not sure if this will work, but it's worth a try anyways.

    INPUT "Please enter your password: ";password1$,
    Print "Validating Password..."
    Wait (5000)
    If password1$=passw1x$
    print "Authorization correct."
    If password1$=passw1x$
    print "Welcome"
    If passwxx#=3 then exit
    If password1$=passw1x$ then goto main

    i'm not sure if it will accept the variables, if it does, change the password on the second line to the password you want. also if you don't want to wait 5 seconds then remove that line. i really don't know if this will work though, it's my first try at password blocking. so i hope it helps.

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