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Comparing variables and creating counter

syrexsyrex Member Posts: 16
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Hey guyz,

I'm stuck on a problem and was hoping you could help me with it.....

I have queried a database table and have put the contents of the result set into a vector and passed that back to a processing method....what I want to do is display similar elements as one with a quantity instead of displaying each seperate element...

i.e. Say I have 4 reams of paper, 3 cartridges and a printer...

I dont want to print out:

Ream of paper
Ream of paper
Ream of paper
Ream of paper

Instead I want to print out:

Ream of paper 4
Cartridge 3

how do I search through the vector for elements that are the same and increment a quantity variable?

Thanks a million guyz I really appreciate any help you can give me on this


  • ronenmronenm Member Posts: 41
    well, I guess you can run through all the Vector elements (meaning from 0 to size(); ) and create a counter for each object.

    paperCounter, cartridgeCounter...etc..

    then inside the for loop running on the Vector do:
    if (object on the i-index is instanceof paper)
    increment the paperCounter;
    if (object on the i-index is instanceof cartridge)
    increment the cartridgeCounter

    and so on...

    instanceof command checks what type of object is in the Vector while the program is running, so it won't just refer to elements of the Vector as Object, but as what they actually are.

    Good Luck!
  • syrexsyrex Member Posts: 16
    Thanx ronenm :)

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