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Servlets- store a java date into a Database

kazerkazer Member Posts: 6
I have a Date created in Java and then I want to store it into a database.
The date is being displayed but when I try to insert it to the DB I get an error.

This is my code:

Date Now = new Date();

PreparedStatement insertStmt = con.prepareStatement ("INSERT into Record(CStaffID,LoggedEvent) VALUES (?, ?)");

insertStmt.setString(1, CStaffNum);
insertStmt.setString(2, Now);
con.commit(); // commit transaction

but this is the error Im getting:

setString(int,java.lang.String) in java.sql.PreparedStatement cannot be applied to (int,java.util.Date)
insertStmt.setString(2, Now);
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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