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ITS FREE!! 2/23/2005 9:53 PM
Do you want to make DOLLARS for free? Its so simple and its real. Ive already earned alot.You'll have to give some time to read all this and at the end, if you dont like it, just DELETE.Herz a brief intro:

Its called "The Affiliate Program" and its absolutely Free to join. You will be able to generate much more cash without any cost. You can Get Paid for linking to Typingpays. Every time somebody joins through your referral url or they write your referral ID # (given at the end of your url) in their joining form, you will earn $12. The referral commissions are paid every month.

Procedure:- Ok all you have to do is to CLICK on the link given below. A new page will be opened, there you will see a button named AFFILIATES , on the top. Click on that button. Next you will see:Best Affiliate Program Ever We Pay $12/Referral! on the top of the new page. Scroll down the page to the end. Click on Signup Now! Simply fill out the short form. After completion, click on Create Account and soon you will recieve a confirmation mail at your e-mail ID. You will have to click on the confirmation link given in the mail and by doing that, you will finally become an Affiliate Member. Next you can do the same, i.e, reffer your friends with your own refferel ID to Typingpays.com and get 12$ for each person who joins with your reference.Howz that? Well it really works!!!

Just click or copy and past link in ur address bar.


this company has its offices in lahore and karachi as well....
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