Software Engineer: Network/Systems Architect

Currently seeking a strong architect with 8+ years of experience in game server side and networking development with at least 1 stint in a lead type position for a leading game developer in Seattle, WA. Candidates that have been involved in the development of a shipped Massively Multiplayer game are highly preferred.

Qualified and interested applicants reply to: Please include resume and contact information.

Experience with real-time client/server multiplayer architecture required
Experience with persistent MMP frameworks strongly desired
Console experience preferred
5+ years of game industry or network experience
2+ shipped multiplayer titles
7+ years C++/OOP
Bachelors degree in CS, EE, or equivalent experience
Strong oral and written communication skills are a must

Design, implement, and maintain multiplayer systems for a large scale multiplayer game on a next generation console
Development of system design specifications for review by software architecture group
Identify and extrapolate technical multiplayer requirements from a game design document

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