open a new window and take value from this and close it

i have design a form by which i want to do like that

: a new window
: new window set the value for variable
: 3:close the window
: 4:return to main window
: 5:use the value of new variable

can any body help me???????????


  • I did a thing like that once. There's a bettr way that I didn't think of at the time, though: Iframes. Popup blockers don't work on them, and they aren't intrusive.

    You can creat an IFrame with [b]var x = document.createElement('iframe')[/b] and use [b]x.setAttribute('src', 'URL')[/b] to point it correctly. You may need to append it to the document with [b]document.body.appendChild(x)[/b], but that may not be necessary. If it is, you should probably set the width and height to 1 so that it isn't noticeable. I think the new page can then be accessed with [b]x.document[/b], which of course can be traversed to find your info in the same way you can traverse any other document.
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