Overriding private functions

I have an abstract class that I want to be able to specify an abstract function, however the functions are ones which are automatically produced in the children and is set to private, the IDE will not let me change this and I cant tell the abstract class to have an abstract private class so is there anyway round this?
The solution could be to not have the function as abstract but then I'm not sure it will use the function of the childrens class as currently the class looks like this:

abstract public class Panels2 extends javax.swing.JPanel {

E ObjectIn;

public Panels2()

public Panels2(E x)

abstract public void update(E x);
abstract private void initComponents();

If I had a definition for the initComponents() function would the Panels2(E x) constructor then use the initComponents() function defined in this class or the one in the child?
Hope someone can help
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