I have an idea for a program that would do a bit more than WINZIP.

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I have thought of doing a program that does the following all in one "suite" kind of a program.

File compresssion,decompresssion,splitting,joining,encryption,decryption

The splitting routine would be special for text files especially of all types (if possible, .txt, .doc, HTML, WORD, NOTEPAD and as many text file formats as possible ).
To split files of any type on a number of choices;
a) After so many words.
b) After so many sentences.
c) At every page or so many pages.
d) After so many bytes ( so you could fill media ) or cut files down for emailing etc.

I have in mind a compression algorithim which could drastically cut down file sizes.
However I would like to know if anyone knows a routine which could convert a number to the form (W^Y)+Z=X or (W^Y)-Z=X
Where X is the number to factorise.

E.g.(3^9)+8=19,691 (3^9)-8=19,675

How could you derive the 3 the 9 and the 8 from 19,691 or 19675?

Is there an easier way than doing say:->

19,691-8=(3^9) and using the "TEST DIVISOR" method on various values of W and Y to get the 3 and the 9 ?

Anyone want to join in on this program idea?



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