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Delete a text from text file

amanuelamanuel Member Posts: 29
I wanted to delete a text from a text file how can I do this?

Dim fileName As String = "a:/sometext.txt"

Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader(File.Open(fileName, FileMode.Open))
Dim singniture As String
singniture = sr.ReadLine



  • rlcrlc Member Posts: 448
    You would have to..

    1) open the file like you are.
    2) read it into a string(or some sort buffer)
    3) Make your changes
    4) Overwrite the existing file

    It is easly to read the whole into a string and manipulate with string functions. As long as the file is not absorbantly big, if it is just use a buffer and read out a block at a time. You can use the string 'indexof' and/or 'remove' functions to manipulate easily.

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