FAXCOMEXLib: JobID from ConnectedSubmit to OnOutgoingJobChanged

I use the Microsoft Fax Service Extended COM Library.

I submit a document to the local fax server using the FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit method and I get back the job ID.
MSDN example - Sending a Fax:

I want to retrieve the same job ID on the FaxServer_OnOutgoingJobChanged event (so as to move the sent document to another folder).
MSDN example - Registering for Fax Events:

The problem is that the job ID returned from the FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit method (ex. 144613567377692395) is different from the bstrJobId parameter of the FaxServer_OnOutgoingJobChanged event (ex. 201c545f93fd6eb). Can you help me?


  • I'm having the exact same issue. Have you gotten anywhere with this?
  • Alright, I figured it out... The return value is a decimal representation and the Id in the job is hex.. just convert the return value to hex and get the job that way. Hope this helps.

    String[] o = (String[])document.Submit(computer);

    String rv = o[0];
    long rvdec = Int64.Parse(rv);
    String rvhex = rvdec.ToString("X");

    FaxOutgoingJob job1 = server.Folders.OutgoingQueue.GetJob(rvhex);
  • Glad you got it figured out. This library has plagued me for many nights. I stumbled upon this page for common [link=http://www.interfax.net/en/dev/faxcomexlib]faxcomexlib [/link]problems a while back and even though I didn't help me in the end, others might find it useful.

    (BTW, sorry for bumping such an old thread, but since this are many similar problems, it made sense to post it somewhere).
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  • This post has been deleted.
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