Hello to everyone,
i have made an .exe application and i have made a package (setup) for this also.So i have copied the package into another pc (which runs Win98).everytime i am trying to run the setup i got the following message:

"Setup cannot continue because some files are out of date of your system.click ok to update these files now and bla bla bla.."

So i press "ok" to restart (for updating these files).When reboot is completed i am trying to run setup again,and i get the following message:"OLEAUT32.DLL corrupted".So i have copied this file from the installation CD and everything seems to be ok..but when i run setup again...i get FOR ONE MORE TIME:Setup cannot continue because .......

Can ANYONE help me?
I have downloaded an application which extracts ALL OCX files..and such..but nothing happened.
What else can i do?

Thanks a lot!

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