Inserting Images in Web Pages

Okay, here's the problem: I have the new internet explorer 5.5. I tried to write a

tag to put in the image (IMG SRC = ".."). When I opened it up in IE, the image

did not show. When I opened it up in Netscape, it did. I tried it out on IE 4.0

and it did work, so I know it 's not a problem with my code. I also figured that

maybe it would'nt take images that I created (In paint shop pro) so I used the

images that microsoft provides (the windows logo and stuff). It still did'nt work.

Can anyone help me? And another thing; what if people come to my site w/ IE5.5

and they can't see the images. What do I do then? Microsoft really has messed this




  • Be cautious, maybe it's key sensitive names !

    If not, try to respect W3C requirement.

    I've also a little problem, I must go squash it now... Bye !


  • i again with the brain but i also would like to add my own twist.....SCREW 5.5 just drop back to 5.0 ive got it and it works FiNe

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