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how do i define a suitable JTree data structure?

bengesbenges Member Posts: 331
hi all,

need your help, i have done all of the JTree part of my applet, except now only headache problem is that how do i gonna define my JTree data structure efficiently? i mean that there are many possible of data that will pass through the applet to create my JTree, there may be not in order though, so how can i define a suitable data structure to handle the data that coming in to the JTree?

what i have done so far is that i have created a class (consider the data object) to handle the data, whereby the server will pass the data according to the class structure, which then i get the data from there and create my JTree node. in the data object, for sure i put a parameter that will detect the level of the tree node, where i can successfully put it in the JTree, but is there any other better way?

thank you
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