Help! Modelling Poker in Java

Hello People, I am currently trying to write a Poker betting aid for use with online poker. Basically I want a program to calculate percentage odds based on the cards i'm dealt, and as the hand progresses, which makes use of a GUI. So far i can see the need for classes that model; A card (suit and rank etc), A deck of cards, a hand (pocket cards, flop, turn, river), a player, I will also need my GUI. Where do I specify what constitutes a potential winning hand (e.g. isPair(Hand h){} from pair through to is StraigtFlush(Hand h){} straight flush etc), and also where would I put my algorithm that takes in the current cards in the hand and calculates the percentages. Would that all occur in a poker class? or am I looking at a seperate class to do hand evaluation? Or have I overseen far more classes than I have mentioned above?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

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