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Who can help me: Active Gif Pages

Who can help me ?!?!,

I am searching for a solution for a problem for over a month now.

I want to generate a gif on the Internet with a script. The gif must be dynamic just by filling some parameters in the url

(e.g. http://server.com/image.asp?text=hello&color=red&font=arial). The only thing it has show is some letters in a specific

font. I know it is possible because some people of a company named Pagelink in my country already have made this. Look at

this: http://home.pagelink.nl/signshop/index.asp?submitbtn=image&strTekst=Hello&strFontFace=Futura+Md+BT&strFontStyle_I=&strFontStyle_B=Bold&strFontStyle_S=&strFontColor_R=99&strFontColor_G=206&strFontColor_B=206 (Put this url in your locationbar, you can change "Hello" in anything that you like). I already contact them, but they won't supply this product to me nor they tell me whether it was made with Java, VB-script or something else.

Who can tell/help me, which language I will need to make this and what components (modules) I need to accomplish this?

Many thanks,

Vincent bij 't Vuur

the Netherlands

I guess you are curious why I need this. With this script people will be able to see an example of a sticker they order via the

Internet to put on their car.

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