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problem Tframe with IntraWeb (Tiwtemplateprocessorhtml)

prieprie Member Posts: 1
hi there,
I am using Intraweb component (TIWTemplateProcessorHTML), but I have problem when using Tframe.
in directory Templates I have create MainForm.html, I have put tag {%iwbutton1%} for my sample button (name is IwButton1) in mainform.html, and its work fine, but when I add new Intraweb Frame (Iwframe2) and Iwbutton2 and put Tframe (iwframe21) at mainform, I have problem how to signed right tag in mainform.html
at mainform.html I put tag like this: {%IWFrame21%} and error, I try {%Iwframe21Iwbutton2%} and error too

does any body knows about how to use Tframe with TIWTemplateProcessorHTML?

thanks before

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