The Mystery with Delphi 4,6 and 2005!!Help.

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Something had happened with my Delphi 4!I can't run my applications anymore!

I tested to remove Delphi 4 and install it again.
The same problem occur!

When I load my apps and then try to run it.
The app just freeze!

Even if I try to run an empty procect it freeze with the text "No Answer from the program"

What the hel... has happened?

I just tested to install Delphi 6 and Delphi 2005 personal.The same problem occur when I try to run the app!

When I try to run already compiled apps that used to work,a message occur " Exeption EOleSysError in module "my app".The class has not been registered.
I see now if I recompile the program and then don't use "run" in Delphi the compiled app works!!
My apps and Delphi has been working for years without any problems!
I remember a simular problems when I tried to move from Delphi 4 to Delphi 7,the Chartfx stop working!

If I than uinstalled Delphi 7 and then installed Delphi 4,the problems with chartfx remained and the only solution to remove the problem was to Format C: and install Delphi 4 to make chartfx work again.
I don't want to format again so,

Is there someone who can explain this for me?
Win Xp Sp2


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