Edit control with PERL's RegExp masking

I'm in puzzle with this. I need to make a masked edit control whose mask is a Regular Expression. The control either suggest following valid input (as selected text) [nonstrict mode] or forces input (by not allowing to modify or delete that part of text) [strict mode]. For now, ignore the (non)?strict part :p
I've googled for long, but only came up with TCustomEdit descendants that show if given r.e. matches current text - which is not what I want. Also, they have r.e. parsers with source, but they perform "black box" matching, that is: they will return a boolean if the r.e. matches the string atleast once. What I need is some extra information: if an error occurs, what was expected? etc.

I welcome any help with this case (suggest a better r.e. library etc)


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