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Free webhost with Python CGI - where?

DrostDrost Member Posts: 24
[b][red]This message was edited by Drost at 2005-7-29 1:26:26[/red][/b][hr]

can anyone recommend me a webspace provider that:
- is free (no monthly/setup fee, no domainname or forum posting needed)
- supports 2.3.4+ Python CGI (plain old CGI, not through a framework)
- has no restriction on site's language/site owner's nationality
- provides at least 20+ MB storage/500+ MB traffic/month
- preferably hosts on *nix machines :)
- accepts personal sites
- has no (preferably) or not intrusive advertisements.

Been googling for some time for such but only one provider came up that seem to fullfill my needs. Which I find somehow disappointingly few...

Thanks in advance!

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