Never programmed with Perl, so question should be easy for you!

Sorry , my English...

I haven't never programmed with Perl but I should solve this little problem...

(Sorry, format code is not neccesary correct)

So here it is :

If I have a bunch of valiables for example like this:

Addueserdata('name', age' 'address');

Now, is there function which put this varibles to File in that way I can

read them later in straigth variable format????

for example: I wanna put 'name' to own database

and age to own database and address to own database.

In the other words, I wanna avoid put them in string format to file

If you know how to put themto file in that way Iike I want,Could you

advice me??


PS: I find this kind of functionbut I'm not sure what it do :


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