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all of strings dont replace

royaroya Posts: 18Member
my program must find and replace href tags from source of a web page with new address.
but it only replaces some of the links.

please gide me. (in

Regex r;
Match m;
string matchPatter;


r = new Regex( matchPattern,
//or RegexOptions.IgnoreCase|RegexOptions.Compiled);

for (m = r.Match(source); m.Success; m = m.NextMatch)
{ string rep="href=new address"//it depends on content of matched string
Regex r2=new Regex(m.Value ,RegexOptions.Multiline);

//or source=r.Replace(source.ToString(),newHref,
//m.Groups.Count,m.Index); //or ,m.Groups.Count,m.Groups[0].Index

//or ,1,m.Index);
//or ,1,m.Groups[0].index);

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