ActiveX activating

I'm trying to do some changes to this program and it will not run. I get the message "License info for component not found. You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality in the design environment. Reinstall ActiveX control."

It has to do with olch2x7.ocx which is the Component1 Chart 7.0 2D Control. I see it in the toolbox at least the map icon and under project -> components. I installed the Component1 software charting package. I heard this is an out of date or unsupported Microsoft program. The Component1 software is an upgrade from the Olectra Chart 6.0. I installed them both. I can click on the olch2x7 ActiveX control but don't know how to register it, activate it or whatever it needs.

I can go to it's properties, digital signatures, view certificate, install certificate, cert import wizard, import successful and still I can't run the program. I get Runtime error 424 Object required.


Private Sub Form_Resize()
If ScaleWidth < 2000 Then Exit Sub

Label6.Move 72, ScaleHeight - 250
ListView1.Move 120, ScaleHeight - 1870
ListView2.Move 3480, ScaleHeight - 1870
Command3.Move 475, ScaleHeight - 2150
Command2.Move 4584, ScaleHeight - 2150
Command1.Move ScaleWidth - 1300, ScaleHeight * 0.05
Label7.Move 100, ScaleHeight - 550
Image1.Move 700, 252, ScaleWidth - 1420, ScaleHeight - 2400
Map1.Move 120, 252, ScaleWidth - 120, ScaleHeight - 2400 ' error here
Prgbar1.Move 3500, ScaleHeight - 200

End Sub

Any help would be appreciated
thanks, Steve

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