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Query about Real Life Project in VB.NET

iambijitiambijit Member Posts: 4
I am a VB.NET learner and experienced in VB6.
I want to make a real life application/project using VB.NET application or database application using VB.NET as front end and SQL/Oracle as a database that should be different from general VB6 project and here I want to apply the extra features of VB.NET that is notavaible in VB6.

can u suggest me some good topics?

I want to make something new/diffrent,

so plz help me.


  • sbogertsbogert Member Posts: 3
    how bout a one-step file type converter??
  • rlcrlc Member Posts: 448
    'Remoting' is a good addition in .NET, you can make Client/Server application that does, well whatever.

    Also, creating web services is a new and very interesting. The web serivces packs XML commands in a SOAP packet so the resulting web service can be interoperable between any platform.

    I would recommend playing with one of those.

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