Does anyone know how to program in VESA or SVGA in 800x600x16m mode?

Does anyone know how to program in VESA or SVGA in 800x600 with more

that 256 colors. mode??

When i go to 800x600x256 color mode, the screen gets divided into 4 parts

( not visibly:) ) and iam able to draw pixels in only one part not in other parts.

Can anybody help???



  • You can only write in the first part of the screen

    because your vesa mode is probably a banked mode, that means that you have to check wether you write in the right bank, if not -> switch 'em!

    Try Vesa 2 (or 3) for really cool graphics modes

    like 800x600x32b. You can also use Linear Frame Buffer from Vesa2 and 3, which doesn't require bankswitching.

    There are many good Vesa2 tutorials online, but i recommend you check out, in the contributions section you'll find some useful items, though they're for pascal one can easily

    find out how they work, pascal isn't that differend from C (even though most people say so)

    And if you're a viscious C++ programmer and you have windows then give DirectDraw a chance, and later on Direct3D or OpenGL, because soon almost "everything" will be hardware accelerated.

    I hope this answers your question well..



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