How do I create an installation disk?

My VB program works just fine on my machine, but I want to share it with a friend. Just to see what whould happen, I gave then an .EXE -- of course it failed for lack of supporting elements.

I tried Tools->Publish->Build Outputs, and the wizard seemed to be doing what I expected, but when it completed "successfully", my "Outputs" were somewhere in Limbo. The wizard made me choose "repositories", "folders", etc., but no offered choices were anything recognizable on my system. I couldn't find a trace of my work!

I hope I don't need another couple hundred dollars worth of development tools!

Price Buhrman


  • Excuse my stupid, please! If all else fails, including message boards, READ THE BOOK!

    Price Buhrman

  • All you need to do is add a setup project to the application. Add the primary output and all supporting files and ur good to go. You can specify if and where you would like shortcuts, etc. placed. There is also a wizard that can be run to make this step quite easy.
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