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sumbody help me plzzz

joffeyjoffey Member Posts: 1
[b][red]This message was edited by joffey at 2005-10-16 19:14:42[/red][/b][hr]
any body there who can help me create a soft-ware that is kinda similar to a Global Positioning System or sumtin...
maybe i'll just describe what i need... here are the details:
has a map(can be editable, you can add building roads ect.)...
has a glowing line that shows the path.location to where u want to go

any advices in there?

cuz i just want to know how to create those sort of thing....
cuz i want to make a map of my tiny city.....
most tourists come here often...
and i'd like to make a software of sum kind of an information system that can give them directions on where the resorts are and ect..


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