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Can any one give me the basics on how to create a deck of cards?

compuwizjrcompuwizjr Member Posts: 73
Can any one give me the basics on how to create a deck of cards? I'm trying to make a card game, but I don't know how to make the deck. I'm desperate! All I want is a simple deck of cards, so can someone please show me how to make one?



  • rlcrlc Member Posts: 448
    well make a card structure with Suit and rank. Then a deck class with collection of cards. Add some fucntions like NewDeck() initialize cards so you have a whole deck, Shuffle() randomize order of collection, Draw(x) removes cards from deck. Depending on your goal, assuming it is a game of some sort you would have a game object that contains the deck object. soem specific funcitons for the game, and player objects. Players would also have a card collection.

  • compuwizjrcompuwizjr Member Posts: 73
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    Okay, I don't get how to create a Card Structure with Suit and rank. Can you show me how. I get the rest of it, I think. Once I get the Card Structure, I believe I can make the rest of it, but how do I make the visual deck itself? That's my main problem!


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