West Coast game development studio is searching for the best and brightest game developers to share there vision of creating a new world of entertainment through the power of technology, imagination and innovation. This studio is dedicated to creating entertaining products which combine competitive technology with superior artistic content. They are committed to offering their employees the best options possible, including excellent salaries, bonuses, full benefits and relocation assistance if necessary.

Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: Xbox 360 and PC

Ability to extend and enhance Unreal 3 client-side engine to support game design requirements
Must have shipped at least one title using Unreal Technology
Develop various next-generation game engine components
Game industry experience programming real-time 3D including completion of at least one completed game
Exceptional C/C++ design and programming skills
4-7+ years of software programming experience
Team-oriented but self-motivated
Strong 3D math skills
Experience programming particle systems and special effects
Experience authoring vertex and pixel shaders
Experience with advanced rendering and lighting techniques
Experience with Win32 programming
Knowledge of 3DS Max

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