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I created a media player application with Mcisendstring API but I need to read the song titles from the cd. When I ran Windows Media player, I realized that it shows the song titles and also the picture of the CD albume. These information are hidden on the CD.

Is there a way to read these information with .net? If you know please let me know how to do it or any sample code would be a great help.




  • You can embed Windows Media Player to your project/form. Add it to toolbox and drag it to your form. Then you can read all the information and display videos / play audios with it. The code to read information about media files goes something like this:

    IWMPMedia media = axWindosMediaPlayer.currentPlaylist.Add("C:PathFile.wmv");
    for (int i = 0; i < media.attributesCount; i++)
    string attrName = media.getAttributeName(i);
    string attrValue = media.getAttributeInfo(i);

    I'm not sure about that code but I think you get the picture.
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