More help please

Thanks to zibadian, the first part of my problem was solved. Now comes the tricky part. I know how to display data returned from a query onto an aspx page, no big deal. My problem comes when I need to display that data onto the javascript page.

To give a bit of detail, I am having a user enter a product number on the javascript page. That input is then sent to an aspx page so a query can be run against my database(Access for now, SQL Server 2000 once this works). I then want to return the results of the query back to the javascript page. If I can get the character data to be displayed, I will say "Job well done!" But then comes the hard part when because they are requesting a product number, without knowing exactly what that product is, I am going to need to display an image also. This image is a column in the database table which the query is run against.
If I can't get the image, that's something I can live with. I have looked through the javascript books, HTML books and .NET books that I have and can not find any reference to displaying the results from a query on an aspx page and the returning the result of that query back to the original javascript page.

I am hoping that this will be like the solution to the other part will be: the one thing I never thought about after trying about everything else but zibadian's suggestion.

Thanks for any assistance.
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