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Last question on factors!

anton19822anton19822 Member Posts: 12
All i need this to do now is to print out all the factors of the highest number and not include the highest number itself.

Been messing for a while but can't seem to quite get it right.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you...

Here is my code

int main(void)
int x,y,count=0,i,n;
for (x=2;x<=1000;++x)
for (y=2;y<=1000;++y)
if (!(x%y)) ++i;
if (i>count) {n=x;count=i;}
printf("The integer %d has the most number of factors <=1000

printf("There are %d factors

printf("They are.................

return 0;


  • sid_kkrsid_kkr Member Posts: 20
    (pseudo code- try it yourself!!!)
    I would say,
    always save the last factor in a variable,
    and if you found one thats higher, print it.

    int curHighest = 0;

    (Where do you print found factors)
    There you can the do something like this:
    if(curHighest > 0 && curHighest <= x%y)
    printit("last %d", curHighest);
    curHighest = x%y;

    Then it wouldnt be printed the last time
    youre passing...
    There may be other ways to solve this program.

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